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Milestone Construction Planning



♦  As-built programmes

♦  Cause & effect programme analysis

♦  Programme peer reviews

♦  3rd Party Programme Monitoring


Milestone’s goal is to help you win more tenders and manage your live projects profitably. Since 2014, we have developed our Planning Consultancy services to meet construction companies’ demand for expert, flexible, reliable resource.


When you need expert input on a complex and sensitive situation, Milestone is here to help. Our Senior Planner, Mick Underhill, is extremely experienced in using as built programmes to communicate with the clarity of hindsight and providing the extra rigour of expert insight into the cause and effect of changes and delay on programmes.


Similarly, if you just need a second opinion or a light touch overview, Milestone can provide the correct level of input, whether that is a diplomatic third party monitoring or the benefit of a peer review.

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