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If you need more specialist capacity to support your bid team, call our team of construction planners who bring specialist knowledge of working on Frameworks for the MOD and MOJ and on schools under the Construction Framework South West.  We will always aim to increase your chances of success and improve predictability on site.

Ashton Gate South Stand Concourse


Clients in this sector often pose the most challenging problems: either they want to keep some or all of the facility open during construction or operate a fast track turn around. Our construction planners work within the commercial constraints of maintaining footfall and look for ways to shorten the programme.

Khattack Memorial Medical Centre


Healthcare projects suit a collaborative approach, where the project planners work with stakeholders to ensure that the building meets the requirements of patient groups as well as practitioners. 


Often built on constrained sites, these developments pose a challenge in terms of logistics not least as the client is always focused on achieving the best possible outcome rather than spending money on the build itself.

Freedom External HR


From speculative developments to bespoke M&E heavy builds, our construction planners work alongside your team to create a safe, robust programme. Our 2D, 3D and 4D graphics will make it easy for the client to understand what is involved in the construction process and set your tender apart from the competition.

Hiatt Baker Halls Residence University o


Investor-backed developments demand a specific approach to programming: bankable certainty on cost and construction build time. By suggesting innovative approaches to methodology and logistics, our construction planners aim to provide a programme everyone can make money on. And, of course, quality homes!

Gene Therapy Catapult


Our clients choose us to create programmes for their most ground breaking projects: a floating raft to house an atomic clock, clean rooms or state of the art broadcasting technology. In each case, our job is to find a way to deliver the exacting demands of the high tech building on time and on budget.  We draw on the expertise of your technical team and provide you with a realistic programme.

Down Street Mews


The residential work that we do is usually high end, involving technical logistical or construction challenges. Where residential developers usually manage without construction planners, our clients turn to us to reduce their risk while improving profitability and predictability in their construction projects, especially those where commercial methodologies are in play.

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