♦  Construction Programmes 

♦  4D/BIM Integration

♦  Change and Instruction Management 

♦  Collaborative Planning Workshops

♦  KPI Development 

♦  Management of Project Controls

♦  Progress Reporting

♦  Post Project Administration

♦  As-Build Programmes

♦  Dispute Resolution


Milestone’s goal is to help you win more tenders and manage your live projects profitably. Since 2014, we have developed our project delivery services to meet construction companies’ demand for expert, flexible, reliable resource.


We provide the predictability and awareness you need to build out profitably. From the start, our programmes are realistic, commercial, site savvy and as detailed as you need them to be. Our progress updates and written reports provide early warning of trouble brewing. So if the worst happens, we are ready to advise on recovery and quality project delivery.

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