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Bid Writing and Co-ordinating 

Our bid writers are skilled at writing bids and have handled tenders for developments worth £100,000s to public sector framework agreements worth many £1,000,000s. Our aim is always to convey to the client exactly why your bid is the best in the most compelling way possible. We want it to be easy for them to appoint you.

We work closely with the other contributors, often taking their words and polishing them to provide a more consistent story in line with the win messages. If time is short, we can conduct telephone or face to face interviews to obtain the detail and data we need to write the answers from scratch. We also hold the “quality reviewer” role, making sure that each answer is consistent and of a consistently high quality.

We also have a database of successful quality answers that we can build on to help you to bolster your usual responses, perhaps in the field of Health and Safety or Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. We often find that businesses have lots going on in these areas but haven’t had time to capture it all in one place for tenders. Once we have done that once, you will probably be able to reuse the information several times before needing to refresh it. Whether at PQQ, tender clarification or final submission phase, we help you to take any opportunity to put your best case forward. 

Presentation, Interviews and Bid Coaching

Most people hate public speaking. This is probably why presentations are often left to the last minute! We know that for some people a quick chat in a coffee shop can feel like more than enough preparation for a major pitch – but that’s rarely the case. What’s more, it’s possible to lose at presentation stage. Then all the investment you have made up to that point, including the research, relationship building and all the work on the documents is wasted. So, yes, there’s pressure on the presentation team – but that’s also the fun of it.

We work with you to create a presentation to be proud of. It will both be a tool that helps you present better and, more importantly, something that helps your client understand your bid better. We have inserted 3D and 4D videos into presentations, set up “site meetings” and coached reluctant presenters into star performers.

The presentation is often the last opportunity to shape your client’s thinking. We see it as the culmination of all the work to date and enjoy helping you to clearly set out and evidence the win messages. Our expertise ranges from infrastructure bids through to small design companies bidding for new types of D&B work. As usual, it is our goal to help you win.

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