Keeping you updated... 

Keeping you updated

Your Virtual Planning Team


I have been giving the right response to the Corvid-19 situation careful thought, with advice from Mark Crocker (who served in Sierra Leone during the Ebola crisis). I believe that the Government is best placed to advise us on the appropriate steps to take and that the British epidemiologists are some of, if not the, best in the world.


Therefore, we are closing our office on Friday 20th March and have set up the necessary systems and furniture for our team to work from home, as the Prime Minister has requested. We will work with our clients to provide ongoing support on a project by project basis and to ensure the safety of our team as well as theirs.  


The good news for us and for our clients is that this move is relatively easy for us - we are a cloud based company, used to working virtually and we have a strong team ethos. We are also good at planning (!) and assessing risk.


I give you my personal guarantee that we will do everything in our power to continue to support you over the next few months.


Kind regards,


Mick Underhill

The intention is to have at least a virtual office as soon as it’s safe for us to all meet up so we can have a base. At that stage we’ll add that as our new office address. Until then, the team are WFH safely and available to support our clients.